Project manager

Majorie Overvoorde

I am a result driven project manager. Strong in detecting, handling and resolving problems. Fast in screening and optimising administrative processes. Client focus is the priority. Organiser at heart, no-nonsense, effective, result driven, strong in personal relations, optimist and not to mention mother of two teenagers and partner of an entrepreneur.

Due to my years of experience at American companies (Marketing-assistant, Public Relations, Communication, Media-coordinator Recruitment and Selection, Product Management, Marketing-coordinator, Customer Service and Office Management) and a great deal of experience at Bureau Buitenhek as consultant, trainer and researcher, I am widely deployable.


  • Communication specialist, trainer
  • Organise (congresses/events)
  • Transition theory to practice, pragmatic
  • Organise/Optimise administrative and communicative processes
  • Develop workshops
  • Text writer


  • Reorganise internal administrative organisation (reception, secretariat, front and back offices, planning and placement)
  • Market research customer approach
  • Market research childcare capacity in the Netherlands
  • Training and optimisation of customer relations for the employees of customer service of childcare organisations
  • Training and optimisation of personal customer contact (tour at location) for childcare locations
  • Communication plan childcare organisations with action plan, media recruitment, promotion plan, etc.
  • Set up back office/office management at GGD inspection childcare and childcare organisations