Angelique de Leeuw

I am a widely deployable consultant with a broad range of knowledge and experience in the childcare sector. Advice in the field of strategy/policy and the field of finance suit me well. My strengths are, next to the analytical and numerical work, in the translation of theoretical frameworks to practical solutions. I also have the power to bind and convince people. Moreover, I am perfectly capable of conveying (sometimes complex) matter in a clear way to non-experts.


  • Analytical skills
  • Numerical
  • Translation theory to practice, pragmatic
  • Clear phrasing
  • Give presentations, chair meetings
  • People manager, project manager, process manager
  • Motivator, builder/developer, entrepeneur


  • Subsidy policy childcare and preschool education
  • Merger research childcare, primary schools and supporting the implementation
  • Strategy and policy childcare and primary schools
  • Business management and finance childcare
  • Childcare take over
  • Harmonisation toddler care and childcare (implementing new laws and (financial) regulations)